Friday, November 22, 2013

The Winner Has Arrived

So typical I get rid of Rimmel London mascara only to end up with another Rimmel London mascara. Is it just me or when you read Rimmel London do you say it in the tone and accent from the commercials? Anyway lets go onto why this mascara, Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes, is the one for me. It somehow has been able to merge the pros from both The Rocket and the Photoready 3-D Volume without gaining any of their cons. It gives me great length and volume without being clumpy. The formula is wet and has great lasting power, yet still easy to get off. The one thing that I think really makes it the winner though is the brush. I had originally been apprehensive about the shape but it is great! The way that it hits my lashes, well I do not really know what happens but all I know is my lashes turn out just how I want them. Which means in my mind that they give my eyes the appearance of doe eyed innocence with a wink of "I am sexy as sin". Of course I understand that if I actually tried to wink I may look like I am trying to catch a fly with my eyelashes.

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