Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January Favorites

This month I have had many loves and I thought I would share with you what has inspired me, made me look beautiful, and everything in between. This month has been chalk full of birthday celebrations so a lot of my favorites are things that I picked up during my travels for all these birthday. While I was up in Santa Rosa and San Francisco I did quite a bit of shopping, and if we were honest to much.

1. My first purchase what at this adorable knit shop I found in down town Santa Rosa and if you are ever in the are you should defiantly stop by its called Castaway Knits. I came across this yarn by Schulana and I think it may now be discontinued but I bought four skeins of it there and it is just so so so yummy. It is a silk, wool, and cashmere blend and the color and texture is surreal.

 2. I loved the yarn so much I was inspired to come up with a new hat pattern that has a chevron, color blocked look.

3. You will soon learn I have this weird obsession with animal sweaters and so I came across this fox one on the sale rack at Kohls. I love it's sequined bow in her ear and it looks so cute in my closet next to my penguin sweater.

4. Which leads me to my fourth love which is my penguin sweater. Please note the bow tie.

5. While in San Francisco I was on the hunt for the perfect hat and found this one at Anthropologie. Its is such an interesting woven texture and I am so happy that I happened upon it.

6. Sense I have had an annoying red bump in my T-zone all month and hate using cover up, I have discovered my lazy solution: fake glasses. Plus I look smarter no?

7. And I fell so in love with this style of booties with the gold buckle that I had to have two different pairs. They are different enough right to have purchased both... or am I just ridiculous?

8. I have been really into winged eyeliner and I have been rocking it during any big events I have had to go to this month. Like say to the Justin Timberlake concert in LA for my friends birthday!


  1. Those boots are gorgeous and those sweaters are adorable! xx

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  2. Such cute pics! Really love the cute fox knit sweater!
    Josie xoxo
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. Thanks the sweaters are from Lauren Conrad's collection for Kohl's.

      Koko Baelle