Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Eve Outfit Inspiration

It is time to pull out everything sparkly, glittery, and shiny in our closets ladies. You guessed its New Years and the only way to bring in 2014 is to be looking as similar to a disco ball as possible. I know that as most things in life there is not one outfit that fits all occasions and New Years is no different. With so many different ways to bring in the New Year I came up with three easy outfits that I had in my closet that could go for any party or non-party that you may be at this year...or next?

This first outfit is for the party girl in us all. The one that is going out all night and wants to make sure that the man across the room will take notice before the clock hits twelve. This dress I picked up at Forever 21 years ago but I am sure we all have that one full sequin dress in our closets and this is mine.

This dress is great for the more classy affair that you may be dragged to because of work or family. Or like me, had one to many sweets this holiday season and am thinking that a little bit of a longer dress may be more flattering. I wish I knew where this dress was from but it was given as a gift. I believe that it was bridesmaids dress but it reminds me more of a snowflake. It has a really beautiful silver, metallic satin sheath underneath the lace that shines through and keeps it young and shiny enough for New Years.

Now we all know that the only New Years I want this year is to stay at home, have a few friends over, crack open a bottle of wine...or tequila, and spend the night playing fun games like Dance 4 or apples to apples. To make sure you will win any game that comes your way the need to be comfy is at the top of the list. I paired this studded and rhinestoned sweater (Express) with some pleather pants (Rock & Republic). If you wanted to spice it up a little you can easily through own a bejeweled collared shirt underneath ( LC by Lauren Conrad ).

I got these at Saks Fifth Avenue
These are Steve Madden Wedges that are out of season but I found a new similar pair I want.

Now for the shoes obviously it depends on the outfit and what you have but my thought is comfy. It is a guarantee that we will be out past twelve so if we go heels I would go with wedges, or go lazy yet still festive with the glittered toms.

I would love to see the outfits you guys come up with please tag me in your instagrams or tweets @kokobaelle!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter lips

I think that I may have tweeted about this but I have a riddle for you all. Its winter time which means dark lipstick right? its all about those plummy reds and deep purples. The issue with this though is that because its winter it is very very dry. I do not know about you but for me my lips dry up like little shrivled raisins. They are as cracked as the Sahara desert. So I have come up with a lip regiment that seems to be pretty good for me and keeps my lips kissable soft in case I get caught under some mistletoe. But lets be honest I forever single. What I fisrtly like to start with is a lip scrub to get rid off all the dead skin. I have two different scrubs but this one by Lush is by far my favorite.

Then my next step is having a great chapstick. I picked up A Kiss of Moisture by Nivea while I was in CVS getting something else but I love it so much I went back and got two more. It is really soft and wet? I do not know how to describe but it does not feel waxing on my lips like most other chapsticks.

The last step is to choose your favorite lip color. Because I can not choose one I thought I would show you the different winter lips I have been rocking of late.

So my first go to this season is the is Revlon ColorBurst in the shade Raspberry Pie. The reason why I love having this is that I do not have time everyday to do a lip scrub, so for those days my lips are crazy chapped this lipstick hides it. I think it may be because its so soft and buttery so it glides over the extra skin instead of getting caught on in.

This is one of my favorite dark lips that I purchased last January, from Chanel's Rouge Allure Velvet line in the shade L'impatiente. It is very dark so I save it for night time or if I am feeling risqué and wear it during the day I will throw some clear gloss on it to tone it down a wee bit. The one I am using now is from a set I got a Nordstroms, this one is in the shade Noosa. It smells like fresh coconuts and makes me want to lick my lips all day long.

My other favorite dark lip is from Lancome's Color and Design line in the shade Wine (cream). I can actually where this one during the day which is nice. But I have been looking for a bit of a redder lip not as berry as this one, so please comment below if you have found a really good one.

These last two lips are for when I am not feeling as out going or if I really want my eyes to be the focus of my look. My first one is the one you have all seen by far and is my favorite nude look right now.

For when I am feeling like going for the classic soft pink this is my first thought. It is also from Color and Design line in the shade Pink Preview.

Here is  my frosted pink lip combo that I really fits the winter season when your wearing a darker eye look, well at least for me because I am as pale as...something really pale. Oh a Vampire! This looks i s easily my favorite right now and it keeps my lips super moisturized! I start out with another Revlon ColorBurst in the shade sugerplum frosting. Then to top of the look I use another gloss from the set I got a Nordstrom's this one is in the shade Minneapolis , and is a very nice baby pink.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Nails

During the holiday party season one needs a festive nail that is easy to take care of. I sort of came up with this gold tipped nail when I was late for a dinner and needed to fix up the tips of my nails. I had been previously wearing a pretty slate grey/silver shade on my nails with my accent color being my favorite holiday color: emerald green. They looked great but just like any nails after a few days they start to chip of at the tips of the nails. So as I mentioned before, as I was running out the door to a dinner I grabbed my gold nail polish and just dashed it across the tips of my nails to cover it up. I obviously did not try to make it look perfect but went for the more "sprinkle of gold" look. It turned out great and I have just been adding more gold from one party to the next. It is great because between friends, family, and shopping who really has time to do their nails anyway? Comment below a what your go to nail look is or tag me in your Instagram post @kokobaelle

Polishes Used
Emerald Shade

Slate Shade - They no longer have the color I used but the closest shade they have is Grey Area.

Gold Shade

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Khristmas Knits: part 5

The quickest of them all would be this hat. On an aran weight alpaca I was able to whip this hat out in about four hours with distractions.  have found that most of the men in my life are the ones that are really attracted to this hat. So if you realize that you missed one person on your Christmas list this year, I suggest this hat. The puff ball is even easy. I used this fur yarn from Luiza Harding and all I had to do was knit a small square and cinch it up to make the ball. I found it much faster and cleaner then doing a normal puff ball.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Khristmas Knits: part 4

You know what I am talking about. It is always one of two things: 1) When your friend goes on a trip and buys you yarn as a gift or 2) it's the yarn that when someone hears that you knit and they go "oh! I use to knit, do you want my yarn? Here is my yarn you can have it. " and my first thought is what will I do with this. So here is my thought, make a cowl and give it as a gift.

This is my go to project for all that gifted yarn and it super easy and fast. This is the TV knit gifts. I love to make these cowls as I watch all my Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. Depending on the size you want to make all you have to do is change the cast one number but almost across the board the needle stays the same.  As you can see it works with a bundle of different yarns and textures.
1 Skien of cashmere 2- ply (400 yards)
CO 100 sts on size US 9

1/2 Skien of Mohair ( 330 Yards)
CO 100 sts on size US 9

1 Skien of Noro's Taiyo ( 220 Yards)
CO 150 sts on size US 9

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Joys of Christmas Shopping

Should Christmas shopping not be one of the funniest things to do? You get to go out and shop for you friends and buy gifts, which I love to do. Plus you usually end up treating yourself as well. But nothing could be farther from the truth during this time of year. Shopping is SCARY! Yesterday I had to run some errands just for normal life things like a new lip scrub and moisturizer. I also need to grab some cheap but good smelling candles for my seen in my Instagram post. So as I was out on the town looking for my necessities I was constantly reminded of why I do all my shopping for gifts in November. On that note though I have come to the conclusion that now that school is ending people will really just start getting there shop on. So I thought I may as well share with you guys what I picked up. I mean we have to be honest that I can not knit everyone a gift, even though I do sure seem to try.

When I am brain storming gift ideas for my friends and family I do not normally think about what they want but more of what they need. This of course applies to everyone but my mum. So I headed down to Santa Monica for my Christmas escapades with a list in hand. I started out at Brandy Melville for my best friend who conveniently called me while I was in there and told me thats not what she wanted. What she needed was gift cards to food places around her college. That was easy enough so I tried to get out of Brandy as fast as possible. I then had to get a coffee at that point because I was already worn out. My second stop was Lush because all my coworkers love that I place and so does one of my closest friends. Now Lush is a store that a girl can get side tracked in and as you will see in the pictures below that defiantly happened to me. Then my finale stop was anywhere with scarves because they are a great go to for most of my friends and family members. They all seem to really love to wear a scarf with every outfit. I had perchance been walking past Abercrombie at this time and thought why not?  Now I have not been in there since my junior high days but I will admit that I missed it. Let me tell you it was a great choice to back in, I grabbed two wonderful scarves as gifts and have been thinking of going back in a picking up a few for myself. I am a self proclaimed scarf hoarder and am always on the hunt for more. Please comment below if your a scarf lover like me and what is your favorite scarf look for the season. I personally have been really into plaid, from the Burberry look to a Scottish mans kirtle.

Here are some pictures of a few of my purchases.

Some skincare that I needed.

One of my favorite lip scrubs.
My Lush haul from another errand run..these are some of my favorites
Reviews to come

The Dream Cream is one of the best presents. It smells great and works wonders on dry skin.

One of their new soaps that smells so dreamy.

For that friend that loves to take baths

This one has colors that fiz up in the bath. How fun!

The edge of the scarf I picked up from Abercrombie