Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Eve Outfit Inspiration

It is time to pull out everything sparkly, glittery, and shiny in our closets ladies. You guessed its New Years and the only way to bring in 2014 is to be looking as similar to a disco ball as possible. I know that as most things in life there is not one outfit that fits all occasions and New Years is no different. With so many different ways to bring in the New Year I came up with three easy outfits that I had in my closet that could go for any party or non-party that you may be at this year...or next?

This first outfit is for the party girl in us all. The one that is going out all night and wants to make sure that the man across the room will take notice before the clock hits twelve. This dress I picked up at Forever 21 years ago but I am sure we all have that one full sequin dress in our closets and this is mine.

This dress is great for the more classy affair that you may be dragged to because of work or family. Or like me, had one to many sweets this holiday season and am thinking that a little bit of a longer dress may be more flattering. I wish I knew where this dress was from but it was given as a gift. I believe that it was bridesmaids dress but it reminds me more of a snowflake. It has a really beautiful silver, metallic satin sheath underneath the lace that shines through and keeps it young and shiny enough for New Years.

Now we all know that the only New Years I want this year is to stay at home, have a few friends over, crack open a bottle of wine...or tequila, and spend the night playing fun games like Dance 4 or apples to apples. To make sure you will win any game that comes your way the need to be comfy is at the top of the list. I paired this studded and rhinestoned sweater (Express) with some pleather pants (Rock & Republic). If you wanted to spice it up a little you can easily through own a bejeweled collared shirt underneath ( LC by Lauren Conrad ).

I got these at Saks Fifth Avenue
These are Steve Madden Wedges that are out of season but I found a new similar pair I want.

Now for the shoes obviously it depends on the outfit and what you have but my thought is comfy. It is a guarantee that we will be out past twelve so if we go heels I would go with wedges, or go lazy yet still festive with the glittered toms.

I would love to see the outfits you guys come up with please tag me in your instagrams or tweets @kokobaelle!

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