Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mascara Please

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When I travel I like to take things with me that I can use up and throw away wherever I am. This latest trip was my Rimmel London mascara and rose water tonic from Lush turn to go. I had been meaning to get new mascara for months because the one I had just was not doing it for me but I like to procrastinate. So I ran to CVS the day I got back home and let me tell you it is a little overwhelming as I am sure you all know.
or you scare me a lot
CVS you scare me a little

I mean there are so many options, so now I am on the hunt for the perfect mascara. Which means you guys are now along for the wide. My first stop was Maybeline New York and I picked up The Rocket. The Rocket has a pretty wet formula so it goes on with ease. The brush is great because with the way all the little rubber brush bits combine with the wet formula allows for it to apply with no clumps and coating all of my eyelashes. It also has great lasting power, it stays on all day and keeps the same length and volume as the moment I applied it. Yet of course it can't all be good and there are two reasons why I have decided that it is not the mascara for me.
1. It is not the look that I am going for, it is a great everyday look but I was looking for something with a litter bit more va voom if you know what I mean. Yes it gave me a little bit of added volume and length but I want a tad bit heavier look.
2. It is horrible to get off! Have you ever had have mascara that has a rubbery feel to it? Because that was what The Rocket has it came off more in flakes for a while and it took so long to get it off! 

So in the end I am still on a mascara hunt and I would love any suggestions of what works for you!

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