Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Sorry everyone I did not do my nails on Monday but they still looked so good there was no chipping! Of course I woke up Tuesday and it was like my nails knew I had missed my weekly manicure. My nail polish started falling off left and right so I had to do my nails last night when I got home. I decided to mix it up a little this week and use Essie in the shade Bordeaux. I am way more then suprised with how great this nail polsih is. If anyone has ever used Essie I am sure they have had the same experince as me. I sit there for an hour applying coat after coat only for the color in the bottle to never show up on my nails, but at least they end up being about an inch thick! Ridiculous (comment below if this happens to you). But so anyway last night I was thinking...hmm benefit of the doubt I like this red color and I don't mind having a kind of milky sheer red shade. Of course the one time I am ready for Essie to fail me they give me the most pigmented nail polsih ever!!!

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