Friday, November 29, 2013

Khristmas Knits: Part 1

Christmas time is hard for us knitters. What should we make people? Do they deserve that? Is this going to cost way to much? How much work will that take? Well I have come up with a few different projects that absolve all these questions. My first project is for all that leftover cashmere you have sitting in your closet. Its for all those scrapes of luxurious yarns that you know you will never be able to make anything with it but its so nice and soft so there is no way that you can throw it away. I am just like all of you until I made this hat. I was up in the middle of the night going through my stash and I realized how much of this yummy scrap yarn I had hidden away and I thought what can I do with this? I vaguely remembered coming across this hat on Ravelry and I thought to myself "I like it but lets do more...lets be creative". And here is the result. Now for those who love to follow a pattern I would go back here and purchase her pattern and make a wonderful gift, or something special for yourself, you deserve it! For those who like to take a leap of faith, like me, then please go have fun. The lace pattern that I used was from another project that I had really enjoyed. I say do the same as me, find some old patterns you loved and throw them in.

My yarn choices starting from the bottom of the hat moving up
hand-spun cashmere: ribbing 2x2 CO: 
Angel: 15 row lace pattern 
Habu Looped Mohair: stockinette 
Sweater: eyelet rounds 
8-ply Cashmere: cables 
Beaded Silk: stockinette 
Habu Looped Mohair: stockinette 
Angel: decrease eyelet round

--I think I may have even edited this when I actually knit it but it was fun and organic no matter what!

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