Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Thanksgiving Thought

I have been perusing many different fashion blogs for Thanksgiving inspiration. Something I have noticed that looks great but does not seem pratical is the dark lip look. Do not get me wrong I love me some vampiraic lips. But for a day of eating I am not trying to reapply between my first course of turkey and my third. Lets be honest you know we all go back for more then seconds. So here is my thought when you wondering what lip color to choose. Go with a nude look so that if you forget to reapply throughout the night at least it won't look like you forgot to reapply. I am going to wear a new Super Lustrous Lipstick (shade: 820 pink cognito)I had just recently picked up by Revlon. Surprise because it is my favorite drugstore brand for lips. It has become one of my go to lip looks as of late for a reprieve between all my different dark lip looks. It goes on really smooth with such a soft color and great lasting power. I love to pair it with a nude gloss on top, this one is from hourglass. I won't be going with the gloss for Thanksgiving because that is an extra step I do not need between me and my pumpkin pie. 
The naked lip

Just the they not look lustrous?

The lipgloss on top to give it even more luster!

Swatch of just the lipstick

Swatches of both the lipgloss (top) and lipstick (bottom)

I love how this lipgloss applies because of the flat applicator

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