Monday, November 25, 2013

Is it Christmas Yet

Let me be honest with you all and admit to my christmas obsession. I love Christmas and what is that I love so much about it you may ask? Well I love it all. I love the colors, the weather, the fashion of winter, the gifts (giving them), all the sweaters I can wear, the long nights, the food of course, family get togethers, old friends, and last but not least the music. And if I was being honest again I have been listening to it all year long periodically. This year I did try to restrain myself and wait until November for me to really get all my Christmas stuff going. So the first thing that I could not wait to get my hands on literally is my Emerald nail polish. I have been in love with Emerald nails sense Christmas 2010 and have made it a tradition of sorts, plus I just love the color in general. I finally invested in an emerald polish sometime last winter and I have not had the chance to use it until now. I do not know why I didn't use it last year either. I picked this up at Francescas in the shade evergreen, and I do love love love the color. That being said I do not know how much I like the actual nail polish. It is very pigmented and goes on very smoothly and only to two coats to get my desired look. The down side is it too forever to dry and ended up botching my nails quite a bit. It did that thing were the nails on top were dry but if I pressed on it it was almost like the nails were still newly painted a few seconds ago. This lasted a good half hour to forty minuets. Sense I had to cook dinner there was no time for me to wait and of course that resulted in some dented up nails but I will redo them soon enough anyway.

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