Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not Quite Bitten

Shade shown: Beloved
In the continuation of finding my new mascara I picked up a few other things, one being the Revlon Just Bitten lip stain. I went with Revlon because it is probably my favorite drugstore brand. I have noticed that anytime I feel the need to grab some new cheap makeup I always end up with Revlon. It is not like I mean to but I will stand there in the drugstore isle for ever comparing one brand to the next and I always settle on Revlon. That being said I have not always been happy with Revlon and I do not solely purchase my things from them. I have a sprinkling of all the drugstore brands in my makeup box ( I am moving and have not been able to get my bathroom in order yet). Revlon can have its faults also and I found an error in their line. Now usually I am obsessed with their lipsticks, that is one thing I know that I normally can not go wrong because I religiously use both their Lip Butter and Color Burst Lip gloss. My theory was proven wrong when I got one of their lip stains Just Bitten. This product is horrible, I am unsure if I just got a fluke one or what the case may be but I can barely find a positive thing to say about it. The applicator has a similar feel to a felt tip pen but produces almost no color. I spent about thirty seconds rubbing this pen over my lips with no results. The weird thing was that it had great pigment when swatched on my hand. So it is safe to say I will be returning this. The one thing I will miss is having a built in primer/ lip balm type thing on the other end of it.
Before Application

After Application [barely any difference]
Great pigment on my hand :(

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