Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Nails

I am headed to New York this weekend and I felt the need to put my best foot forward...and hand. I chose to start with my feet because I know that my hands will take so much longer. Now I do not know about you but everytime I try to paint my pinkie toe I find myself bent into so odd shaped pretzel. And even with all this effort I still can not reach my toe and so I end up just slathering the polish all over my pinkie toe and hope the excess will come off in the shower.
I used the color:You Don't Know Jacques!
Then came my finger nails. I had thi horrible chipped nail polish look going so I need to first be rid of that. My mom had recently been on a trip and picked me up some Butter London things and one thing was so wipes. 
Now I am not fond of wipes in general and after using the Butter London ones my views have not change. They always dry out quick and I never get off all my nail polish. That being said everything else about Butter London I love. For my nails I went super fall inspired with this beautiful shimmery burgundy brown shade. 
The color I used:I Kneed Sour-Dough

In the end I loved both O.P.I nail polishes because it only took me two coats to get such great color.

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