Saturday, October 26, 2013

Falling for New York

It was a picturesque day in NYC. The sky was blue, the sun was out, and the leaves were turning. I could not be happier to be here. With the sun out it was not to cold which was a huge plus for me. I started the day at Columbia University and ended up on a stroll through the Central Park. It was a full day of walking through all different parts of the city so I made sure to prepare for the long day that I had ahead of me. With a day that would not allow to check myself out in the mirror called for very simplistic makeup. I went with just some mascara and a fat lip pencil by Tart that I had picked up last fall. It was the perfect color a light but sophisticated berry shade that made me feel like I was a true New Yorker. With the With my chap stick in my pocket and my hat on my head I was ready to begin the day braving the dark underside of NYC otherwise known as the Subway system. I used this handy dandy app I downloaded called Emabark NYC Subway that got to all my stops without fail.

Due to the coldie that I am I had on multiple layers starting with a blush shaded lace dress from Free People (I am pretty sure its lingerie but shh don't tell). With a maroon sweater from Brandy Melville that was a little to long so I knotted up one side, and of course my down-filled jacket from Miss Sixty on top. The sequined scarf I had gotten as a Christmas present so I can't give anymore information on that one, and the tights are just a plane black pair but these are from Macy's. With the amount of walking I was bound to do I grabbed my favorite flats at the moment by Corso Como.
It was really windy and I was feeling the chill

As you can see I was rocking that tied sweater look

a quick look at my shoes and some fall leaves
I spent  most of the afternoon on a hunt for the perfect iPad case to give to my mother for Christmas with no luck, if anyone has any suggestions please comment below. I found a few at Ted Baker but I was unsure if my mom would like it or not. I was so focused on trying to find her this case that I walked almost twenty blocks up 5th Avenue and blew past both a Juicy Couture (they have the best dresses) and a Chanel on Madison. In the end it was fine I got a workout in and I got to cruise through Central Park at a very low speed giving me time to take lots of pictures with my family.
A little family picture and my father in my hat
He is quite the goofball

Can never get away from a tree picture it seems

I had a little to much fun playing

I couldn't decide which to use

The longer I played the bigger the eyes

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