Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursdays Full of Travel

Today I am on the move. It is my first time to New York and I can’t explain how excited I am to be going. I thought I would share with you guys what I chose to wear on my day long of travels. First though will you all let me rant a little? I mean honestly who enjoys traveling because I know I don’t I just want to get to the destination but the actual part of getting there is just horrible. You guys may understand my opinion better if I start from the beginning. As you all can imagine New York is cold at this time and being a California girl and if the temperature drops under 60 degrees I don’t know what to (you can easily find I me in a parka and about three layers of pants on any rainy day), but only going to NY for the weekend I am taking just a carry-on. Imagine a girl obsessed with fashion going to one of the biggest fashion capitols of the world and I can only take one outfit for each day. Torture I tell you! Trust me if I could fit more I would have but between the boots and all the outwear I need to not be a Popsicle; I could barely close my suitcase. Now packing is barely the beginning of my issue with traveling. Yes there is always this nagging fear that I will forget something critical at home like my tights for Friday or my cat ears for my Halloween party on Sunday but I mean that’s just an excuse to go shopping right? But lets get back to why I started this rant. I don’t live in a big city so I have to take a small plane to my connecting flight that will take me to NY. This usually doesn’t bother me; these short hour-long trips give me some time to catch on some reading or knitting I have been meaning to get to. But my plans of a nice meditative ride immediately flew out the window when I saw who sat next to me. Oh how cute just a little baby that felt the need to cry all the way to Arizona! These are the moments in my life that I am reminded of my love for Steve Jobs, the ear buds went in and soon shuffle was going.

Here is a good idea of some of the music I was listening to

Now that I am sitting on my second flight as I write this I am being reminded of my another issue I have with every flight I have been on…ever sense I can remember. Is it hot? Is it the arctic? I seem to find the hardest keeping a normal body temperature as I fly. But I think that I have come to perfect my flying attire to assure that I will not be to hot but will not be asking for those in flight blankets that never cover everything, while still managing to be comfy cute. Is that a thing comfy cute? Well if not I am coining the phrase now. Lets start with the comfy and move to the cute.

I went with my trusty Wildfox sweater for my top that I had picked up at Sax Fifth Avenue outlet. It is a nice Barbie pink color with the quote ‘Take me to Paris.” Not only is it in my favorite color but also it is the warmest/lightest sweater with the softest fabric besides cashmere.

You can never go wrong with that a comfy sweater for travel. Now I know what your thinking Paris? I only wish I was going there but not this trip unfortunately. My bottom half is something that I haven’t changed sense high school and maxi skirt. It is the best way to travel and I tell you this because its like wearing a blanket, you can sit crisscross apple sauce in the airport and if you get hot you can just knot it to shorten it. I have been walking the maxi skirt for years during my travels and its great.

This one is just from Kohl’s in a nice oxblood/ burgundy/ maroon/ whatever color you call it shade.

And last but not least is my shoes, tis another thing I have been doing sense high school. Heels or platforms are great because you look put together they take up way to much room in you suitcase anyway. Now before you all go that’s so uncomfortable don’t forget that the second I get in the plane those puppies are off my feet so all the beauty and no pain.

This pair was a gift for my Grandma and is possibly my favorite shoes. I wear them all the time and they are so comfy, and again I find myself in love with another man named Steve, Steve Madden of course! He is one of my favorite shoe designers.

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