Friday, October 25, 2013

Has This Ever Happened to You?

Have you ever been somewhere and just thought yes? I could do this; I could live here. Those were my thoughts from the first moment I got to walk on NYC streets. It felt like home and it felt like me. As you guys have learned I am not one to enjoy the cold, I tend to be as bundled as possible to avoid any sort of chill. It did not matter though here, as you saw in my previous blog I was out quite late last night in the frigid fall air and I loved it. It wasn't because I could not feel my hands, but because instead of breathing in that dry air that makes your lungs hurt and coughing up second hand smoke as many seem to do in NYC, I was inhaling the energy of the city. I could get enough of it! I spent all last night just aimlessly walking around the streets with no destination in mind and I could not shake this overwhelming sense. This was it, I need to live here. As I looked at people walk past me on the streets I saw myself. There is a beauty about New York,and I wish I was a poet so I could put this into words for you all. I can only hope that you guys know the feeling that I am talking about. Its seems to me that we all have this innate sense within ourselves that knows what we want even when we feel unsure. That is what I am feeling here. Has this ever happened to you? it could be about anything your one true love, your child, a place like me, or the perfect pair of shoes but please leave a comment I would love to here about it.

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