Sunday, October 27, 2013

Knit Shop Trouble

As you all know I am in New York and Connecticut for the weekend for a family get together. When I travel like many knitters I bring a project along to work on, and boy do I work on it! Any chance I get I am knitting because that is what I call vacation. This of course means I am knitting during all our family get togethers. All the little ones were so intrigued by it that they wanted to learn how to knit, as did their mother. Being that its a weekend trip I did not have my knitting supplies with me nor did I have the materials to teach three brand new knitters the basics and get them going on a project. So this led us to go to a knit shop and purchase the things we needed. This was not nearly as lovely of an idea as I had original thought. People have always told me that I was spoiled at the knit shop that I frequent back at home but boy did I not believe people until today.
I could not find any yarn anywhere, everything was stuffed into bins and I had no idea what I was grabbing or touching, nor was there any rhyme or reason to were everything was. When we finally went to buy all the items they were so rude it was unbelievable, for  paying customers you would think they would be nice. Not only that but they knew I had a set of brand new knitters with me, you would think they would want to make the experience wonderfully memorable. They only succeeded in the latter but not in a good way. They also proceeded to insult me as a knitter.
But I do not want this to be a total knitting rant so I will stop here on the struggle of the perfect knit shop and focus on the positives. They all ended up loving knitting and are very excited for their upcoming hand warmers. Of course the wittle, wittle six year old gave up on her hat so I am now making it for her but I do not really mind it goes quick anyway. She picked out this beautiful alpaca blend that is stripes of pinks, peaches, and violets. With the way it is knitting up it is getting to have this adorable spiral look to it so she did a great job in yarn choice! I will post pictures of the finished project.

In the end choose your yarn shop well everyone. If you are going to one and are not happy do not be scared to change. There are so many different kinds of yarn shops out there and not everyone is right for you. Find a shop that makes you happy and stick with that one.
To help people find a great shop near them or if you have a LYS horror story I would love to hear about it in the comments!
The beginning is the most important part of the work.

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