Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter lips

I think that I may have tweeted about this but I have a riddle for you all. Its winter time which means dark lipstick right? its all about those plummy reds and deep purples. The issue with this though is that because its winter it is very very dry. I do not know about you but for me my lips dry up like little shrivled raisins. They are as cracked as the Sahara desert. So I have come up with a lip regiment that seems to be pretty good for me and keeps my lips kissable soft in case I get caught under some mistletoe. But lets be honest I forever single. What I fisrtly like to start with is a lip scrub to get rid off all the dead skin. I have two different scrubs but this one by Lush is by far my favorite.

Then my next step is having a great chapstick. I picked up A Kiss of Moisture by Nivea while I was in CVS getting something else but I love it so much I went back and got two more. It is really soft and wet? I do not know how to describe but it does not feel waxing on my lips like most other chapsticks.

The last step is to choose your favorite lip color. Because I can not choose one I thought I would show you the different winter lips I have been rocking of late.

So my first go to this season is the is Revlon ColorBurst in the shade Raspberry Pie. The reason why I love having this is that I do not have time everyday to do a lip scrub, so for those days my lips are crazy chapped this lipstick hides it. I think it may be because its so soft and buttery so it glides over the extra skin instead of getting caught on in.

This is one of my favorite dark lips that I purchased last January, from Chanel's Rouge Allure Velvet line in the shade L'impatiente. It is very dark so I save it for night time or if I am feeling risqué and wear it during the day I will throw some clear gloss on it to tone it down a wee bit. The one I am using now is from a set I got a Nordstroms, this one is in the shade Noosa. It smells like fresh coconuts and makes me want to lick my lips all day long.

My other favorite dark lip is from Lancome's Color and Design line in the shade Wine (cream). I can actually where this one during the day which is nice. But I have been looking for a bit of a redder lip not as berry as this one, so please comment below if you have found a really good one.

These last two lips are for when I am not feeling as out going or if I really want my eyes to be the focus of my look. My first one is the one you have all seen by far and is my favorite nude look right now.

For when I am feeling like going for the classic soft pink this is my first thought. It is also from Color and Design line in the shade Pink Preview.

Here is  my frosted pink lip combo that I really fits the winter season when your wearing a darker eye look, well at least for me because I am as pale as...something really pale. Oh a Vampire! This looks i s easily my favorite right now and it keeps my lips super moisturized! I start out with another Revlon ColorBurst in the shade sugerplum frosting. Then to top of the look I use another gloss from the set I got a Nordstrom's this one is in the shade Minneapolis , and is a very nice baby pink.

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