Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Joys of Christmas Shopping

Should Christmas shopping not be one of the funniest things to do? You get to go out and shop for you friends and buy gifts, which I love to do. Plus you usually end up treating yourself as well. But nothing could be farther from the truth during this time of year. Shopping is SCARY! Yesterday I had to run some errands just for normal life things like a new lip scrub and moisturizer. I also need to grab some cheap but good smelling candles for my seen in my Instagram post. So as I was out on the town looking for my necessities I was constantly reminded of why I do all my shopping for gifts in November. On that note though I have come to the conclusion that now that school is ending people will really just start getting there shop on. So I thought I may as well share with you guys what I picked up. I mean we have to be honest that I can not knit everyone a gift, even though I do sure seem to try.

When I am brain storming gift ideas for my friends and family I do not normally think about what they want but more of what they need. This of course applies to everyone but my mum. So I headed down to Santa Monica for my Christmas escapades with a list in hand. I started out at Brandy Melville for my best friend who conveniently called me while I was in there and told me thats not what she wanted. What she needed was gift cards to food places around her college. That was easy enough so I tried to get out of Brandy as fast as possible. I then had to get a coffee at that point because I was already worn out. My second stop was Lush because all my coworkers love that I place and so does one of my closest friends. Now Lush is a store that a girl can get side tracked in and as you will see in the pictures below that defiantly happened to me. Then my finale stop was anywhere with scarves because they are a great go to for most of my friends and family members. They all seem to really love to wear a scarf with every outfit. I had perchance been walking past Abercrombie at this time and thought why not?  Now I have not been in there since my junior high days but I will admit that I missed it. Let me tell you it was a great choice to back in, I grabbed two wonderful scarves as gifts and have been thinking of going back in a picking up a few for myself. I am a self proclaimed scarf hoarder and am always on the hunt for more. Please comment below if your a scarf lover like me and what is your favorite scarf look for the season. I personally have been really into plaid, from the Burberry look to a Scottish mans kirtle.

Here are some pictures of a few of my purchases.

Some skincare that I needed.

One of my favorite lip scrubs.
My Lush haul from another errand run..these are some of my favorites
Reviews to come

The Dream Cream is one of the best presents. It smells great and works wonders on dry skin.

One of their new soaps that smells so dreamy.

For that friend that loves to take baths

This one has colors that fiz up in the bath. How fun!

The edge of the scarf I picked up from Abercrombie

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