Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Silly Remembrance

As I was looking through my photos on my computer I was brought back to some pictures I had taking in NYC of my father. I had knit a cashmere hat to keep me warm on the east coast, no surprise I needed to resort to cashmere to get warm or I may have just wanted an excuse to knit with cashmere. All in all I had prepared for the cold and dressed for warmth. Oh no not my father you know how men are "I run hot" "I'll be fine" "I don't get cold" psh ya right! So there I am walking out of the subway station when whoop I feel my hat slip of my head. I go to reach for it and see my father had placed it on his head. Before I can give him any flack he just says "thanks" and carries on with his day. I knew he was cold so I left it, and it was probably the one of the funniest things I had every seen! There is no way to describe a sixty year old man walking down 5th Avenue in a great looking suit and this baby blue and purple beret pulled over his forehead so it looked like he had dread locks. Here are some iconic pictures to get you through your day and hopefully bring a smile to your face.
Please tell me about anything silly your parents have ever done in front of you, I am sure there is lots.

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