Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Nails

During the holiday party season one needs a festive nail that is easy to take care of. I sort of came up with this gold tipped nail when I was late for a dinner and needed to fix up the tips of my nails. I had been previously wearing a pretty slate grey/silver shade on my nails with my accent color being my favorite holiday color: emerald green. They looked great but just like any nails after a few days they start to chip of at the tips of the nails. So as I mentioned before, as I was running out the door to a dinner I grabbed my gold nail polish and just dashed it across the tips of my nails to cover it up. I obviously did not try to make it look perfect but went for the more "sprinkle of gold" look. It turned out great and I have just been adding more gold from one party to the next. It is great because between friends, family, and shopping who really has time to do their nails anyway? Comment below a what your go to nail look is or tag me in your Instagram post @kokobaelle

Polishes Used
Emerald Shade

Slate Shade - They no longer have the color I used but the closest shade they have is Grey Area.

Gold Shade

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