Saturday, December 7, 2013

Khristmas Knits: part 2

I have been messing around with the spiral rib pattern and I love it. It looks so complicated yet it is so simple. It is just doing a normal two by two rib but by adding one extra stitch every round the rib is off set by one. That is why every row the stitch pattern moves over one creating a spiraling effect. Both these projects are so simple and they both take about two days respectably. Another thing that is great is that they are very gender neutral. I made both out of different kinds of chunky cascade yarns, the hat being the cascade 128 and the hand warmers in the cascade chunky baby alpaca. I loved making them and I hope you guys enjoy whipping them out also for a quick last minuet hand knit gift. Plus with the left over yarn you can start another hat from last Friday's Khristmas Knit.

I know I have not weaved in the ends yet...but I hate doing that

Do not mind my finger aka the blurred thing at the bottom of the picture.

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